Certified Technical Analyst

About the Program

The program is designed in a way to impart you with knowledge from basic to advanced level of markets and its working.

We would start from understanding of various asset classes to methods of analyzing those asset classes (our focus will be across equity/commodity/currency markets).
Methods of Analysis will cover Technical Analysis from its very basic moving over to
indicators and patterns and implementation of same in live market.

We would even focus on developing your Psychology to trading as we believe trading is 90% about emotions and its execution. Money management is also a key skill which will be addressed based on your capital investment and risk appetite.

Program will be spread across 36 hours with live sessions about theory and understanding of the subject matter with practical application of it.


  1. Introduction to Stock Markets and Asset Classes.
  2. Introduction of Technical Analysis and its Philosophy.
  3. Dow Theory.
  4. Construction of Charts.
  5. Types of trends and scales used.
  6. Support, Resistance and Trendlines.
  7. Moving Averages and its Uses.
  8. Candle Stick Patterns.
  9. Gap Theory and How to Trade Gaps.
  10. Bar Chart Patterns.
  11. Short Term Patterns.
  12. Indicators and Oscillators.
  13. Confirmations.
  14. Selection of Market and Stocks.
  15. How to Form Trading Strategies.
  16. How to Back Test Systems.
  17. Behavioral Finance.
  18. Implied Volatility and its Implications.
  19. Position Sizing Your Trades
  20. Risk and Money Management.