Chartered Market Technician (CMT) Level 1


Chartered Market Technician (CMT) is a professional designation that confirms proficiency in technical analysis of the financial markets. The CMT designation requires completion of an education program and examination series in technical analysis. Chartered Market Technicians Association (CMT) oversees the program curriculum and administration of exams. Candidates who pass all three examination levels of the program can earn the Chartered Market Technician designation, which certifies that the individual is competent in technical analysis.

CMT Level 1
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Price – USD/INR $550 / INR 38500 $275 / INR 19500 $120 / INR 8500
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Live Classes Yes
Recorded Videos Yes Yes
Presentation Slides Yes
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Online Discussion Forum Yes
Android/IOS App Access Yes Yes
Test Bank Yes Yes Yes
Mock Exams Yes Yes Yes
  1. The Basic Principle of Technical Analysis – The Trend
  2. Dow Theory
  3. Introduction to Charts – Part 1
  4. Introduction to Charts – Part 2
  5. Trends – The Basics
  6. Breakouts, Stops and Retracements
  7. Moving Averages
  8. Bar Chart Patterns
  9. Short term Patterns
  10. Introduction to Volume Analysis
  11. Volume : The Technician’s Decryption Device
  12. An Introduction to Volume Indicators
  13. Confirmation
  14. Candlestick Charting Essentials
  15. Point and Figure Charting
  16. Introduction to the Wave Principle
  17. The Anatomy of Elliott Wave Trading
  18. Measuring Market Strength
  19. Foundations of Cycle Theory
  20. Basics of Cycle Analysis
  21. Markets, Instruments, Data, and the Technical Analyst
  22. Equities
  23. Indexes
  24. Fixed Income / Bonds
  25. Futures
  26. Exchange Traded Products (ETP’s)
  27. Foreign Exchange (Currencies)
  28. Options
  29. Understanding Implied Volatility
  30. About the VIX
  31. What is the Efficient Market Hypothesis?
  32. The Forerunners to Behavioral Finance
  33. Noise Traders and the Law of One Price
  34. Noise Traders as Technical Traders
  35. Academic Approaches to Technical Analysis
  36. Market Sentiment and Technical Analysis
  37. Sentiment Measures from Market Data
  38. Sentiment Measures from External Data
  39. Introduction to Descriptive Statistics
  40. Introduction to Probability
  41. Objective Rules and Their Evaluation
  42. Being Right or Making Money
  43. The Model Building Process
  44. Relative Strength as a Criterion for Investment Selection

Intended participants could be New Entrants, Traders, Students, Investors, Fundamentalist, Brokers, Sub-Brokers, anyone who has interest in Technical Analysis as a subject.


  • Online Webinar
  • Video Content and Special Notes


  •  Offline Classes
  • Video Content and Special Notes
Duration 24 Hours
Level Beginner

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