Chartered Market Technician (CMT) Level 3


The CMT Level III exam tests the candidate’s ability to integrate a wide range of
concepts and tools into the application of technical analysis.The Level III exam is organized into groups, most of which weave together two or more knowledge domains. In turn, each of those groups contains from three to seven items requiring a response. Some items will be multiple choice; most will be short answer and require that you make a list, state and justify your analysis, or supply a similar written response.

  1. System Design and Testing
  2. Money and Portfolio Risk Management
  3. System Evaluation and Testing
  4. Practical Considerations
  5. Risk Control
  6. Statistical Analysis
  7. Hypothesis Tests and Confidence Intervals
  8. Regression
  9. International Indices and Commodities
  10. The S&P500
  11. European Indices
  12. Gold
  13. Intraday Correlations
  14. Intermarket Indicators
  15. A Unique Way to Visualize Relative Strength
  16. Fact, Fiction and Momentum Investing
  17. Analyzing the Macro – Finance Environment
  18. Portfolio Risk and Performance Attribution
  19. Behavioral Biases
  20. Investor Psychology
  21. Are Two Heads Better than One?
  22. The Anatomy of a Bubble
  23. De-Bubbling : Alpha Generation
  24. Behavioral Techniques
  25. The VIX as a Stock Market Indicator
  26. Hedging with VIX Derivatives
  27. Advance Techniques
  28. Pattern Recognition
  29. Multiple Time Frames
  30. Candlestick Analysis
  31. Progressive Charting
  32. Bringing it All Together: Real-World Charts
  33. Conclusions

Intended participants could be New Entrants, Traders, Students, Investors, Fundamentalist, Brokers, Sub-Brokers, anyone who has interest in Technical Analysis as a subject.

Live Online Sessions 24 hrs (2hrs each session)

Weekends (Saturday and Sunday)

6 hours live session in market hours.


Fees Structure & Inclusions:

Rs 50,000/- Including GST+ Material. 

For International Candidates – USD 675  

Dedicated What’s App Group.
Lifetime Handholding for Subject.
Query solving via Email communication.

Duration 36 Hours
Level Advance

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