Mentorship Programme


This course is designed to give you a basic knowledge and equip you with working of technical analysis as a discipline. It will prepare you to be able to analyse any financial market chart on your own and take profitable trading decisions.

  1. Introduction to Stock Markets and Asset Classes.
  2. Introduction of Technical Analysis and its Philosophy.
  3. Dow Theory.
  4. Construction of Charts.
  5. Types of trends and scales used.
  6. Support, Resistance and Trendlines.
  7. Moving Averages and its Uses.
  8. Candle Stick Patterns.
  9. Gap Theory and How to Trade Gaps.
  10. Bar Chart Patterns.
  11. Short Term Patterns.
  12. Indicators and Oscillators.
  13. Confirmations.
  14. Types of Charting Methods (Point and Figure, Heikin Ashi, Renko…)
  15. Statistical Application for Technical Analysis
  16. Selection of Market and Stocks.
  17. How to Form Trading Strategies.
  18. How to Back Test Systems.
  19. Behavioural Finance.
  20. Efficient Market Hypothesis and Random Walk Theory.
  21. Implied Volatility and its Implications.
  22. Position Sizing Your Trades
  23. Risk and Money Management.

Intended participants could be New Entrants, Traders, Students, Investors, Fundamentalist, Brokers, Sub-Brokers, anyone who has interest in Technical Analysis as a subject.

60 Days (Two Month) In House Training with Dhwani Patel on the Subject matter.

Or Custom Made for Online Session.

Fees Structure & Inclusions:

Rs 65,000/- Including GST+ Material.

Lifetime Handholding for Subject.

Live Query Solving Anytime.

Duration 60 Days
Level Beginner

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